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Andrés Ramírez Ponce

Currently I am working as a CONACYT researcher at the Instituto de Ecología A. C. (INECOL) focused inthe estudy of the diversity and evolution of Melolonthidae scarab beetles.

I did two postdoctoral stays, at the Instituto de Biología, UNAM, and at the Centro Tlaxcala de Biología de la Conducta.

Postgraduate studies (Master and Doctorate) were done at the Instituto de Ecología, UNAM, and at the Institute of Biology respectively, under the tutelage of Drs. Santiago Zaragoza Caballero and Miguel Ángel Morón Ríos.

Curriculum Vitae.

My personal motivation is the study and conservation of biodiversity, understood as the representation of all the different forms of expression of life, at the genetic, species and ecosystem levels, including all the processes and phenomena that generate them and in which they participate.

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